Pinwheel and COP27
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Nikki Elton (Pinwheel author)

Nikki Elton

How Pinwheel's work relates to COP27

The sheer volume of coverage about COP27, with articles and posts on every channel, can easily be overwhelming. With much of the attention on the political wrangling, it can be hard to pick out how what happens during the summit translates to tangible opportunities, action and impact.

We’ve looked at COP’s themes and highlight some of the real-world applications and initiatives around the world:

1. Finance (9 Nov)

Directing funds towards ethical and sustainable investments is essential to combating the climate crisis. At an individual level we can play a role by using an ethical bank, where our money won’t be used to fund companies that trade in arms, tobacco or fossil fuels - Triodos and The Co-Operative Bank are two examples of banks not supporting fossil fuels. As for corporates, adopting the contribution model of planet repair through Pinwheel enables allocation of funding towards impactful initiatives with real results.
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2. Adaptation (12 Nov)

Adaptation is important for all parties in the fight to save the planet but especially those in the global south facing the greatest impact of the crisis. Mangrove forests are the ultimate nature-based solutions for both climate change mitigation and adaptation and are essential for the protection of coastal tropical nations and the communities that inhabit them. One of our partners Eden Reforestation Projects work with local communities to reforest and restore native species of mangroves.
Adaptation for Pinwheel and COP27

3. Gender (14 Nov)

This theme rightly takes prominent space on the COP27 agenda as women continue to bear a disproportionate burden of the adverse impact of climate change. It is for that reason that we fully support the mission of the Fair Climate Fund, to reduce carbon whilst improving the living conditions of women in developing countries.
Pinwheel and COP27 gender

4. Energy (15 Nov)

At Pinwheel we are always looking for impactful actions we can take as individuals in our everyday lives. Particularly with energy prices soaring, moving to sustainable sources of heating and electricity without burning fossil fuels represents one of the most important pieces of personal action in our efforts to decarbonise our lives. We’ve got short guides to making the switch to solar panels and heat pumps.
Pinwheel and COP27 energy

5. Engagement and civil society (15 Nov)

“Climate action requires engagement with and contributions from all stakeholders”. We couldn’t agree more, which is why the Pinwheel platform engages and empowers our clients’ employees and customers to actively take part in their environmental action. Getting insights into the work of Pinwheel’s projects and accessing practical tips on how to implement small scale climate solutions in daily life are only some of the benefits.
Pinwheel and COP27 engagement and civil society

6. Biodiversity (16 Nov)

From seagrass that cleans up plastic, to peatland that provides a haven for wildlife while storing carbon, it has become increasingly clear that restoring our wild world must be at the centre of efforts to tackle our environmental crises. Sea turtles are a keystone species which is why we have partnered with SEE Turtles to support their work in protecting turtle hatchlings around the world.  
Pinwheel and COP27 - biodiversity

7. Solutions (17 Nov)

We couldn’t be happier that “Solutions” is a theme for the final day at COP27. We are all about the solutions here at Pinwheel and are continuously inspired by our partners who are developing and scaling solutions to the climate crisis like our friends at Inter Earth.
Pinwheel and COP27 solutions

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