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Project: Solar Cookers




In this project, refugees in Chad are provided with CooKits. These solar cookers have a positive impact on the safety and health of people who live in very difficult circumstances. Moreover, by using the power of the sun when cooking, less wood is used and CO2 is saved.

Who is behind it?

FairClimateFund – a non-profit social enterprise focussed on developing Fairtrade projects that reduce carbon and benefit people who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Why did we choose this project?

We believe in FairClimateFund’s mission to reduce carbon whilst also improving the living conditions for people in developing countries.  

What do we most love about it?

That the CooKits use the power of the sun to enhance the safety and protect the health of the people who use them.

How does it work?

The CooKit is a solar cooker that can be used for cooking with the help of solar energy, which is abundant in Chad. The CooKit has a simple design and is made of cardboard and aluminium foil. Sunlight is reflected through the foil on a black-painted pan that is contained in a heat-resistant plastic bag in which the warm air circulates. Cooking with the CooKit is a clean and healthy alternative to the traditional way of cooking, because it is completely smokeless. The CooKits are manufactured locally in six workshops that are spread out over the camps. Every workplace is fully run by around 20 women.

What broader benefits does it bring?

The biggest benefit is to the safety of women and children in the refugee camps. The camps are located in a very dry region where little wood is available. This creates conflicts between the local population and refugees who need the scarce wood for cooking. Women and children often must travel long distances to get wood and they are regularly harassed, assaulted, abducted or, in the worst case, do not return at all. Not having to leave the camp for firewood also saves a huge amount of time, which means women and children can spend more time on family and education. The use of CooKits is therefore life changing. 

How will we know it's working?

The project has been live for some time and continues to help new refugees. Already the project has helped around 15,000 refugees and reduced 52,000 tonnes of CO2.

By the way... 

Since the war in Darfur, more than 200,000 Sudanese have fled to neighbouring Chad. These refugees have sometimes been staying in refugee camps in the border region for more than 15 years.

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