How we select our projects

Pinwheel undertakes a multistage-stage verification process to ensure that any project we select and make available to clients is meaningfully repairing the planet and does so in a way that is consistent with the highest standards of propriety and ethics.

Our selection is driven by

Carbon security

We favour projects that lock carbon away securely and for 100s of years.


We believe in backing the biggest impact activities, finding innovative, new ways of doing better.


We fund activity only where we're confident our backing will lead to more activity and impact.

Holistic approach

We believe in repairing the planet in the fullest sense - cleaning it up and preserving and enhancing the natural world.

Project rating

Our proprietary project rating system is underpinned by the UK's Oxford University principles of carbon offsetting and take into account the WWF Blueprint.

We are stringent in our process and re-evaluate projects, running them back through our rating system regularly to ensure they continue to meet our strict criteria which mitigates risks, both in terms of provision of impact and also of improper practices.

Swans in lake

Project due diligence

We have built our due diligence and impact frameworks on established practice – including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and the Impact Measurement Project (IMP).

Lake and forest

Impact reporting

As funds flow into Pinwheel and onto projects, we also independently verify that the stated funds have been spent and for their intended purpose, as well as providing clients with proof that the funds reached their destination, detailing inputs, outputs and outcomes.

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