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Your sustainability impact is too important to hide in the annual report. Pinwheel puts employees and customers at the heart of your sustainability action: building your brand and activating them as agents for change.

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This is urgent

Climate change and biodiversity loss are conspiring to create serious ecological distress. Customers, employees, shareholders and policy makers are demanding corporate action to halt and repair the damage.
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Act holistically

The WWF’s Blueprint states that corporate sustainability strategies “must encompass all environmental impacts from companies and avenues for leadership on key elements such as water, biodiversity, and ecosystem conversion and degradation”.
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The future is contribution

Pinwheel’s philosophy of contribution allows businesses to move beyond compensating for harm to deploying capital for maximum impact. These principles take their foundation in leading literature in this space: WWF’s Corporate Climate Mitigation Blueprint, the Net Zero Initiative, The Oxford Principles and Paul Polman's Net Positive.
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Quality. Verified.

Pinwheel identifies, validates and verifies the world’s most impactful initiatives in carbon removal, habitat restoration and biodiversity protection.
This approach enables business to assemble effective mixed model portfolios with proven and transparent impact where it’s needed most.
The Queen and Prince Charles with schoolchildren at Balmoral

Case study

Delivering impact and a meaningful legacy for Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The Platinum Jubilee Pageant, the largest in British history, was a once in a lifetime event to celebrate Her Majesty’s The Queen’s historic 70-year reign. 150,000 people lined the streets of London to watch more than 6,000 performers.

The problem

The Pageant wanted to create a sustainable legacy, engaging and educating the public to contribute to a greener UK. They needed a partner to help them seek out and engage the nation with impactful initiatives, resonating with their values and in line with this vision.

The solution

Together, we selected 3 UK sustainability projects in wildlife conservation, tree planting and access to cycling. Our Pinwheel for Participation product enabled the public to influence how much support each cause was allocated, make a personal donation and engage with high quality content.

The result
10 million people reached
70,000+ people engaged
3 UK sustainability projects supported

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support on our Platinum Jubilee Pageant. It was a pleasure to work with you and we are really happy that our wider sustainability and social impact messaging spread far and wide.

Rosanna Machado, CEO, The Platinum Jubilee Pageant

Become a leader in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.

The world’s most impactful projects.

Pinwheel clients fund projects with demonstrable impact to address ecological distress. We work with projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere, restore habitats and protect biodiversity.

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It’s easy to create a profile for your project on Pinwheel. From there, you’ll be first in the queue for verification and will be visible to our corporate clients who are looking to fund projects just like you.

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Case study

Pinwheel corporate clients have committed more than £100,000 for wildlife protection in the South of England

The Save Me Trust is a wildlife conservation project with rewilding in the South West of England, a specialist wildlife hospital in Surrey, and a programme of education, advocacy and outreach work to protect vital habitats and native biodiversity.

The problem

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted ecosystems on earth. A vicious circle of habitat and biodiversity loss threatens tipping points beyond which it will become impossible to undo the damage. The restoration of natural wilderness and protection of native endangered species is critical.

The solution

Funding by Pinwheel corporate clients has enabled the employment of a specialist wildlife veterinary surgeon, vastly increasing capacity to care for sick animals, many of which are endangered. It also supports vital research into the causes of biodiversity loss and rewilding of natural habitats.

The result
£100,000+ funding to the Save Me Trust from Pinwheel YTD
Around 2000 animals rescued by The Save Me Trust annually
The UK is in the bottom 10% for biodiversity globally

The funding from Pinwheel enables us to understand wildlife populations, preserve and enhance habitats, and provide targeted support to those animals most in need.

Anne Brummer, Co-founder and CEO of The Save Me Trust

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