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We enable businesses to engage people with how they fund planet repair

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Holistic approach to planet repair

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Let your employees and customers choose how you repair the planet

Let your employees and customers choose how you repair the planet. Select some of our planet-repairing projects. Let your employees and customers choose how you fund them. Understand how your funding is helping to fix the planet. With due-diligence and inspiring content from projects as standard, Pinwheel for enterprise lets your business repair the planet whilst engaging the people who matter most.

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Your business has funded 177 tonnes of carbon sequestration in 2022

We only work with the highest quality sustainability projects

Pinwheel has assembled world-class initiatives that make a meaningful difference to our planet. Projects in our broad portfolio not only reduce carbon in the atmosphere, but restore ecosystems, protect biodiversity and clean up plastic and electronic waste. We've taken great care to verify the work our partners are doing – making sure that funding really does achieve the promised impact.

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Inspiration for a healthy happy planet

We believe people's small daily actions can collectively make a big impact on the planet. Through inspiring content and practical sustainability tips we're building a genuinely engaged, educated and informed community of planet repairers.

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