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Restore our planet

We enable people and businesses to fund projects that repair the planet

What Pinwheel does

We only work with the highest quality sustainability projects

Pinwheel enables people and businesses to support projects that make the biggest impact on biodiversity and climate change. We've taken great care to verify the work our partners are doing – making sure that funding really does remove carbon, protect our oceans and wildlife, and improve lives in some of the world's poorest communities.

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Seagrass Grow

Hedgehogs and Native Habitats

E-waste Collection & Recycling

Biomass Sequestration

Solar Cookers

Wildlife Rescue

Turtle Hatchling Protection

Enhanced Natural Rewilding

Biogas Cooking Equipment

Reforestation - Mozambique

Plastic Recovery & Recycling

Want to repair the planet?

You can get a monthly subscription from Pinwheel to fix the land, the sea or the climate. Wilderness funds rewilding and conservation. Ocean Rescue repairs the seas. Clean Tech reduces human impact. New Horizons funds climate-repairing innovation

Rewilding Britain's natural wilderness and protecting our wild animals with Brian May's Save Me Trust.

Seagrass and mangrove plantations; removing plastic from oceans and rivers; and protecting sea turtle hatchlings. High quality carbon removal.

Reduce the impact of human technology on the planet. Enables use of bio-gas and solar cooking equipment, and recycling mobiles and laptops.

Early commitment to get game-changing enhanced biomass sequestration off the ground, locking carbon away for hundreds of years.

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Got a business? Let your employees and customers choose how you repair the planet.

Select up to four planet repairing projects to fund. Let your employees and customers choose how you fund them. Understand how your funding is helping to fix the planet. With due-diligence and inspiring content from projects as standard, Pinwheel for enterprise lets your business repair the planet whilst engaging the people who matter most.

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Your business has funded 177 tonnes of carbon sequestration in 2022


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions... and the answers.

Who is Pinwheel?

What sort of projects do you fund?

Do you fund projects where causality is in question, like avoided deforestation?

How much money goes directly to the projects?

If I have a personal plan with Pinwheel, does that mean I can stop worrying about my carbon footprint?