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Inspiration for a healthy happy planet.


Business leadership post COP26

Following COP26 it is clearer than ever that businesses must lead the repair of our planet. How best can they do that?


Low carbon diet

Adopting a low carbon diet can help the planet and your local community thrive as well as keeping you healthy. Find out how you can get started here.

Clean Tech

Air source heat pumps

A heat pump is the perfect way to decarbonise your home. But what is involved in the switch and how do you know if your home is suitable?

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COP26 - What does it all mean?

What do the results of COP26 mean for you as an individual? Pinwheel offers tips and assistance


How we select our projects

What activities make the biggest and best contribution to repairing our planet? It's with that focus that we select the projects that Pinwheel users can choose to fund.


The need for biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity and endangered species is one of the most important aspects of saving our planet’s future.


Four Pinwheel Plans

At Pinwheel we have created four plans, each of which focuses on a different aspect of planet restoration from wilderness, to oceans, to technology, to game-changing innovation.


Planet Positive

Companies can make an impact by looking beyond carbon, focusing on quality actions and by offering consumers meaningful choices that bring their actions to life.


Welcome to Pinwheel

Who is behind Pinwheel? What are we setting out to do? Why do we believe the tools to restore our planet are within reach?