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Nikki Elton (Pinwheel author)

Nikki Elton

Budget-friendly hacks to winter-proof your home

Energy costs are still on the up, so finding efficient ways to keep your home toasty through winter is more pressing than ever. For most households, a few small changes can have a big impact on energy consumption; try these planet-friendly tips to stay warm and keep bills in check…

Swot up on your boiler settings

Most boilers are not renowned for their user-friendliness, but learning how to adjust the settings will pay dividends. For example, the ‘pre-heat’ setting may help warm water reach your taps quicker, but toggling it off could save a lot of unnecessary burn time. Reducing the flow temperature to 55 degrees or lower could also have a noticeable impact on your energy bill.

Roll out the rugs

As aesthetically pleasing as wood and tiled floors are, they are also very effective heat conductors, making them cold to the touch. Liven up your living space with a rug, or roll out a runner in the hallway – the fibres are much more effective at trapping warm air and will be cosier on your toes, not to mention blocking draughts if you have floorboards.

Roll out the rugs
Glaze over
Crack down on draughts
reduce boiler temperature

Glaze over

Secondary glazing is a highly effective way to improve energy efficiency in buildings with single-glazed windows. A discreet second pane is added behind the original windows, trapping air between them so less heat can escape. Secondary glazing can be made to measure and doesn’t always require professional fitting, making it less labour intensive and more cost effective than double glazing.

Crack down on draughts

Any gaps around your home can be an inlet for chilly air from outside – whether it’s around window frames, under doors or where skirting boards meet the floor. There are a range of solutions out there, from tape and flexible sealants, to draught snakes, all of which are easy, and affordable, to implement yourself at home.

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