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Joanna Karska  (Pinwheel author)

Joanna Karska

5 tips for a waste-free Halloween

Between the fake cobwebs, individually-wrapped treats and synthetic fabric costumes, celebrating Halloween can be ghoulishly difficult for anyone trying to minimise waste – particularly of the plastic variety. Try these tips for a waste-free take on treasured Halloween traditions.

1. Eco treats

Before reaching for store-bought multipacks, consider the alternatives: home-made creations like spooky cupcakes and ice cube tray treats are crowd pleasers that use a fraction of the packaging.
spooky cupcakes

2. Crafty costumes

Getting into character needn’t mean splurging on a new throwaway outfit. Base your costume idea on clothes you already have in your wardrobe, and get crafty with the rest: spooky essentials like a witch’s hat can be made out of painted cardboard. Look online for creative costume tutorials – you could even fashion a broom from twigs and branches found in the garden.
eco-friendly witches hat

3. Planet-friendly face paint

Face paint is another simple way to up the spook-factor without splurging on new costumes. Opt for a brand that uses natural, non-toxic ingredients so you can wash away the day’s festivities with minimal impact on the planet. And avoid glitter, even if it’s of the eco variety…
eco-friendly face paint

4. DIY decorations

Deck out your home for Halloween without a plastic pumpkin in sight. Paper ghosts, bats and skeletons are easy to make and decorate, not to mention fully recyclable. Old jars make great fairy light lanterns, and bottle caps can become very convincing spiders. If this seems like a lot of effort, spooky music and lighting are also easy ways to set the scene without going overboard on shop-bought cobwebs.
DIY halloween decoration

5. Pumpkin party

Pumpkin carving is the ultimate waste-free Halloween activity. Not only do they make for great decorations, but you can use the pumpkin flesh itself for lots of delicious seasonal recipes so nothing goes to waste.
pumpkin party

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