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Nikki Elton (Pinwheel author)

Nikki Elton

How to throw a green Jubilee party

Planning on hosting a big royal bash this Jubilee weekend? Here are some simple ways of making your party that little bit more eco…

Go plant-based

Ditching meat and animal products in our diets is one of the single biggest changes we can make to reduce our carbon footprint, so think about offering a range of plant-based dishes to your guests. There are all sorts of Jubilee-themed recipes out there, with loads of options for vegetarian and vegan finger food, party dishes and delicious desserts. Have a look at some of our eco-friendly recipes for inspiration.

Make your own

As tempting as those supermarket party food offerings are, they come with a hefty carbon footprint (as well as price tag), not to mention all that single-use packaging. Cooking from scratch reduces waste considerably, and is far cheaper than buying ready-made. Consider asking guests to also bring a dish, and create a “potluck” party.

Message in a bottle

Buying soft drinks? Now might be the time to invest in a SodaStream, which lets you make your own sparkling water and soft drinks at home. Traditional (and now trendy) milk delivery services also offer juices in returnable glass bottles, or you can sign up to one of the juice delivery services from The Juice Round.

DIY bunting

Did you know that most bunting is made of plastic, and discarded after just one use? If you’re handy with a needle and thread, it’s easy enough to make your own fabric bunting, or you can even make no-sew bunting. Opt for cut-offs or old pillow cases to keep down waste and cost. Or make paper chains for a vintage look – you can buy Union Jack-printed paper for that traditional feel.

Disposable is a no-go

Plastic or other disposable tableware can be a pain. Not only is it flimsy and folds in half if you apply even a suggestion of a sandwich, but it most likely will end up in landfill. Opt for reusable crockery and glasses. If you don’t have enough at home, scour local charity shops for vintage plates – the more mismatched, the better. To stock up on cute pitchers for drinks, simply collect glass jars in the weeks before the party. You can add ribbons or twine to jazz them up.

Party power

No energy bills, very little installation or maintenance and completely off-grid… there’s a lot to love about opting for solar-powered garden lighting. There are loads of options about now, too, from fully-fledged lamps to pretty fairy lights and strings of Insta-friendly bulbs.

Waste not, want not

Set up clearly labelled waste bins so your guests know what can be recycled and composted

Finally, speaking of the Jubilee - have you chosen your favourite charity as part of the Pageant's sustainability legacy? Click here to choose.

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