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Nikki Elton (Pinwheel author)

Nikki Elton

5 green initiatives your staff will love

1. Set up a green team

Appointing a sustainability team is a great way to get things done, while also informing and educating the wider office – and uptake is shown to be higher than when memos come from management. Initial ideas might include setting up office recycling, keeping a track of energy use through heating and air conditioning, getting in a water filtration system to reduce single-use plastic, and encouraging colleagues to switch off computers and other appliances at the end of each day.
Sustainability team

2. Cycle to work scheme

Keen to get your staff to reduce their carbon emissions? Start with the journey to work with the government’s brilliant Cycle to Work scheme. This offers your teams the most cost-effective way to get their hands on new cycling equipment, from brand-new bikes to equipment and accessories. Staff members don’t have to pay tax or national insurance on these products, which can save them up to 43.25%. The cost is then simply deducted from their pay over a year or 18 months.
Cycle to work scheme

3. Hit the bins

A quick win to reduce waste and increase recycling uptake is to take away staff members’ personal bins. They might grumble to start with, but research shows that this significantly reduces recyclable waste ending up in landfill, while your team will get to stretch their legs and take more short breaks, so their wellbeing increases, too. Win-win.
Hit the bins

4. Buy green

Switch to recycled paper and stock up the stationery cupboard with items made from recycled materials, such as these ones by Remarkable, which repurpose old office equipment to make new pens.
Buy green

5. Get competitive

Encourage your staff to take part in monthly “green” challenges. This might be using only reusable coffee cups for the month, or avoiding single-use utensils at lunch time. Incentivise them with regular prizes, such as gift cards or free coffee for a week from the staff canteen.
Get competitive (reusable coffee cups)

Looking for more inspiration on how to get your teams to be more environmentally conscious? Turn your business planet positive with Pinwheel; contact us to find out more.