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Rory Rudd (Pinwheel author)

Rory Rudd

5 inspirational accounts to follow

Instagram can be a mindless escape, but it can also be a brilliant source of quick and easy tips for living a more sustainable life. Here we profile a handful of our favourites…


The anti-fast-fashion campaigner and co-founder of @rememberwhomadethem is the account to follow for hard-hitting facts about the fashion industry. From explainers on how global brands exploit garment workers, to tips on how to make the most of what you've already got, she's a no-nonsense, accessible influencer who doesn't mince her words.


A hub for all things green. These campaigners cover everything from practical tips on how to use leftovers in delicious food-waste-busting recipes, to second-hand styling advice and campaigns on recycling phones that are then donated to marginalised communities that need them – win-win.


This account takes one idea and it does it really well. #Take3fortheSea suggests that every time you go to the beach, river, seaside or any kind of waterway, you take away three pieces of rubbish. Easy. It's like a mini litter pick, and so easy there's really no excuse not to.

Led by the always-sunny author Katherine Kellogg, her account is crammed full of daily tips on reducing waste and our carbon footprints. From book ideas for those with a passing interest in the environment, to easy, waste-free “scraptastic” recipes, via tips on how to reduce your plastic footprint, she's a daily dose of easy-to-follow inspiration.


The model-turned-campaigner has pivoted towards sustainability consultancy for global fashion and beauty brands, while using her considerable following to highlight environmental issues. She was a speaker at COP26 last year, and recently launched her own foundation,, which focusses on regenerative agriculture and biodynamic farming, particularly in cotton and leather production for fashion.

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