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Frieze Art Fairs take steps to repair the planet

This year, Frieze London and Frieze Masters will be making waves beyond the art world thanks to a new collaboration with Pinwheel. Visitors to the world-famous art fairs get to vote for one of three planet-saving initiatives, each of which will receive a share of Freize’s financial support. Frieze has pledged to match donations to each initiative – so once you buy your ticket, you can cast your vote. And if you donate to your chosen project your contribution will go twice as far.

Here’s more on those fantastic projects:

1. InterEarth

This project reverses the effects of burning coal by locking away carbon-rich biomass underground for centuries. Invented by Dr Howard Carr, the project plants fast-growing trees on low-rainfall land in Australia, then harvests the biomass, which is buried in a way that prevents decomposition. Simple, vital, and remarkably effective.

2. Justdiggit

Justdiggit works across Africa to restore desertified land, using super-simple techniques such as rainwater harvesting (digging bunds, or ‘earth smiles’) and tree restoration. Founded on the idea that nature-based solutions are the key to solving the climate crisis, this project finds innovative ways to support local communities to regreen their land, with 60,000 hectares of dry land under restoration so far.

InterEarth Frieze
Justdiggit Frieze
Platform Earth Frieze

3. Platform Earth

This artist-led collective directs funds – and attention – from the art world towards protecting and restoring marine habitats. For this project, they are working with The Sussex Kelp Restoration Project to restore 200 square kilometres of kelp beds on the Sussex coast to their historic levels. Not only is this area estimated to be able to capture a total of 800 tonnes of CO2, but kelp is also home to a wide variety of plants and marine life, meaning the project will be a huge contributor to biodiversity in the area.

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