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Joanna Karska  (Pinwheel author)

Joanna Karska

Attending events sustainably

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After living life online through the pandemic, we are finally back to experiences in the real world. But interactions in real life come with environmental costs of travelling and generating waste. So how do we get out and about more sustainably? Here’s our top four tips:

1 - Travel by public transport

Travelling by train could cut your carbon emissions by 80% compared to travelling by car, so ditch the four wheels and opt for public transport instead. Check out Citymapper for live info on how best to get to your destination, including which Tube exits to take and which section of the train is best to really optimise your journey! 

2 - Take a refillable bottle

It’s never been easier to fill up your water bottle - drinking water fountains spring up all over the place. With apps like Refill you can identify the nearest of over 4000 free water refills locations across London (and many more around the world). So, reduce plastic and you’ll save money, too.

Go a step further and take along a reusable coffee cup for your morning brew (which can then double up for drinks later in the day). Circular & Co produces stylish cups made, rather neatly, from single-use coffee cups.

Travel by public transport
Take a refillable bottle
Skip the meat-heavy meal
Support planet repair for longer term impact

3 - Skip the meat-heavy meal

Ditching meat and animal products in our diets is one of the single biggest changes we can make to reduce our carbon footprint – if you want to start small consider choosing a plant-based meal when attending your next event, party or meeting. 

4 - Support planet repair for longer term impact 

Small individual actions above add up to a big change in the long term. But if you are somewhat impatient and want to see a more immediate impact, why not explore how Pinwheel can help you and your business support planet saving projects.