Digging bunds in Kenya


Justdiggit is a dutch environmental NGO with offices in Amsterdam and Nairobi, whose mission is to revive lost ecosystems by making dry and degraded land in Africa green again. Justdiggit believes in nature-based solutions - constituting 37% of the solution to global warming - to tackling the climate problem and cooling down the planet, working with millions of farmers and pastoralists across the continent to re-green and restore their land. They use the power of communication and (mobile) technology to scale up the re-greening process, imagining Sub-Saharan Africa in 2030 as a place where they can inspire and empower millions of subsistence farmers to restore their degraded lands using proven Sustainable Land Management techniques.

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An image of Rainwater harvesting - bunds

Rainwater harvesting - bunds

Restoring desertified, dry land using techniques including rainwater harvesting

Kenya, Africa
An image of Regreening - farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR)

Regreening - FMNR

Intervening to help trees previously cut down with viable roots re-grow into trees

Tanzania, Africa

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