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Nikki Elton (Pinwheel author)

Nikki Elton

Eco-conscious weddings

With all the decisions that go into planning a wedding, it’s all too easy for environmental concerns to fall to the bottom of the priority list in pursuit of the perfect big day. With a few simple changes, it can be easier than you think to celebrate saying ‘I do’ the sustainable way.

1. Meat-free menus

Given the climate impact of animal products, one of the most impactful changes to make to your wedding breakfast is to go veggie. And you can limit your food miles by opting for caterers who use locally-sourced ingredients.

2. Think about travel

One of the top contributors to your wedding’s carbon footprint will be the journeys guests take to get there. Think about this early on in your venue hunt: if you’re deciding between multiple options, try to work out which requires the fewest plane or car rides, and encourage guests to take advantage of public transport options in your invites.

3. Say yes to the (rented) dress

As the ultimate single-use garment, a wedding dress does not rate highly in the sustainable fashion stakes. Consider renting your bridal and bridesmaids’ wardrobes to save some cash while protecting the planet – there are plenty of options online, and rental is increasingly offered by in-person boutiques.

Meat-free menus
Think about travel
rented dress
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ethical jewellery choices

4. Cut back on paper

From invites and RSVPs to place cards, a wedding can be a paper-heavy affair. Seek out recycled, recyclable options wherever paper is necessary, and find ways to avoid it altogether with an online RSVP site and gift registry.

5. Ethical jewellery choices

When picking out your rings, research the traceability of stones and precious metals, and look out for Fairtrade certification. Ingle and Rhode has a robust sustainability ethos, sourcing only conflict-free, ethical diamonds, Fairtrade gold and recycled precious metals.

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