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Nikki Elton (Pinwheel author)

Nikki Elton

Be a sustainability champion, no matter your job title

By making a few small changes, you might find more opportunities than you think to influence sustainability practices – both in your own corner of the working world and beyond.

1. Get social

Volunteer to plan your next team building event, and swap run-of-the-mill corporate excursions for something more climate conscious. From planting habitats for bees at a local community garden, to paddle boarding while collecting litter, there are plenty of sustainable ways to spend time away from your screens. If your employer is a Pinwheel client, you can even visit some of our amazing planet-repairing projects.
Get social - planting in local community garden

2. Travel smart

Many firms are focusing on greener travel, with some even offering extra holiday days for employees who avoid travelling by air. If this would be a tough sell at your firm, consider pushing for alternatives like cycle to work, season ticket loans, or help setting up a carpooling scheme.
Travel smart

3. Soul food

If the return to in-person work has meant the restocking of snacks in your workplace kitchen, try suggesting local, low-packaging options like a seasonal fruit box to minimise food miles. For team lunches and events, opt for catering options that use local, sustainably-sourced ingredients. And try to go plant-based as much as possible (not-so-fun fact: beef is the most planet-destroying industry other than coal and oil).
Soul food

4. Get tough on recycling

Is the separation of recyclables and general waste really working, or would clearer signage help? Another easy win could be to look at how hard-to-recycle items are disposed of: finding better ways to recycle tech could have a significant impact, given the detrimental effects of e-waste.
Get tough on recycling

5. Branch out

The chances are your efforts will have a greater impact if you look beyond your own workplace. Why not reach out to similar firms that are B Corp certified for industry-specific tips, or form a network of like minded sustainability champions at organisations nearby? Depending on what you do, working with greener service providers could also make a big difference – whether you swap out your stationary or your search engine.
Branch out

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