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The Vector Sustainability Fund

Vector is supporting projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere and restore nature. We’d like your help in allocating funds.

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Vector is supporting three sustainability projects. Your vote will influence the support each project receives.

An image of Turtle hatchling protection

Turtle hatchling protection

Protecting threatened or endangered sea turtles

An image of Rainwater harvesting - bunds

Rainwater harvesting - bunds

Restoring desertified, dry land using techniques including rainwater harvesting

An image of UNDO Enhanced Rock Weathering

UNDO Enhanced Rock Weathering

A nature-based carbon removal technology that permanently locks away CO₂

Vector Projects

Three inspirational projects. Learn more about them, choose your favourite, and support them directly.

Turtle hatchling protection

Six out of seven species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered. This project protects this "keystone species". This project provides grant funding to the organisations working on small budgets. The funds go towards paying local residents to patrol important turtle nesting beaches, protecting turtles that come up to nest and ensuring that the eggs are protected, and guiding the hatchlings to the sea. SEE Turtles grants have already resulted in 10 million hatchlings being saved! They’re aiming to save 1 billion.

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Digging bunds in Kenya

Rainwater harvesting - bunds

Nature-based solutions are now recognised as a key element of tackling climate change. Justdiggit, restores desertified, dry land using proven techniques including rainwater harvesting (digging bunds, or ‘earth smiles’).

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UNDO's main project image

UNDO Enhanced Rock Weathering – UK

UNDO spreads crushed basalt rock on agricultural land, enhancing soil health while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through a process called enhanced rock weathering. Enhanced rock weathering is a nature-based carbon removal technology that permanently locks away CO₂ from the atmosphere.

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