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#RISK London is supporting three brilliant sustainability projects. Scroll down to vote on who should get their support and learn more about each of the projects

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These three inspirational projects need your support. If you feel passionately about your choice – top up funding from #RISK Amsterdam with a personal donation. Every penny counts.

#RISK London projects

Three inspirational projects addressing climate change in different ways. Learn more about them and choose your favourite.

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UNDO Enhanced Rock Weathering – UK

UNDO spreads crushed basalt rock on agricultural land, enhancing soil health while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through a process called enhanced rock weathering. Enhanced rock weathering is a nature-based carbon removal technology that permanently locks away CO₂ from the atmosphere.

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E-waste collection & recycling

E-waste reached 61.5 million tons last year, and it is projected to hit 74.7 million by 2030*. Around 60-90% is mismanaged or illegally traded, ending up in developing regions lacking e-waste management infrastructure, like West Africa and certain parts of Asia*. This poses serious environmental and health threats. It is thus crucial to adopt business models encouraging e-waste recycling. Here's where Closing the Loop seizes the opportunity.

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Regreening - farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR)

By using targeted interventions, trees previously cut down but whose root ball still exists can focus their energy on the main trunk and re-grow into trees.

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