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Nature-based solutions are now recognised as a key element of tackling climate change. Justdiggit, restores desertified, dry land using proven techniques including tree restoration (Kisiki Hai or Farmer Managed Natural Restoration or Treecovery). All projects are owned and implemented by communities that live off the land. A greener planet is a cooler planet.

Why did we choose this project?

Bringing back nature is a vital lever to pull alongside decarbonising the global economy if we are to maintain a liveable planet. Africa has a young and growing population, but it also has fertile soil and ideal growing conditions. Justdiggit’s work has proven effects and positively impacts thousands of people, biodiversity, food and water resilience and carbon sequestration.

How does it work?

By using this approach trees that have been previously cut down but whose root ball still exists can focus their energy on the main trunk and grow tall and productive again. These trees are more likely to survive than freshly planted trees and they are all indigenous varieties. First, you select the stumps you want to protect; then prune - select the best few shoots of the stump and cut all the others; put a mark by tightening a colourful piece of fabric around the stems that you want to let grow and finally, keep protecting the trees throughout the year!

How do we know it's working?

Justdiggit takes impact measurement very seriously and outline their methodology and metrics in their impact report. So far over 9.7 million trees have been restored, providing shade, improved soil health, occasional firewood, fruit and medicines.

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25 Oct 2022


Tanzania, Africa

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