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Global Forest Generation (GFG) develops large-scale forest ecosystem restoration partnerships with local leaders and communities, which are essential for climate resilience and the protection of biodiversity, water, and livelihoods. The goal of GFG’s first multi-country initiative, Acción Andina, is to restore 500,000 ha (1.24 million acres) of high-altitude Andean forests by 2045 while saving the remaining 500,000 ha of vitally important old-growth forests that span seven countries across South America.

Why did we choose this project?

Millions of people across South America depend on the glacial melt and humidity captured and released by Andean forests ecosystems, which build permanent rivers, wetlands, carbon-rich soils and key biodiversity habitats. This area of the globe is of incalculable ecological value, not only to South America, but the entire planet. However, after centuries of deforestation, <10% of high Andean forests exist. This puts the continent at severe water insecurity risks and effects the most vulnerable communities – the people of the high Andes and their indigenous culture.

How does it work?

In Acción Andina, local restoration leaders and organizations revive the powerful ancient Inca principles of Ayni (reciprocity) and Minka (communal service) to bring together thousands of people across the Andes to restore and protect forests to secure water and their livelihoods. For previously scattered projects and marginalised communities, Acción Andina provides an unprecedented opportunity where organisations collectively bring back forests. Acción Andina’s inclusive community model will be replicated globally by GFG in critically endangered ecosystems.

Star fact

In addition to sequestering carbon, Polylepis forest in the Andes ensure that fresh water is available to mountain villages as well as to millions of people in lowland towns and cities who depend upon it, including for agriculture.

UN Sustainability Goals

03 Good Health and Well-being06 Clean Water and Sanitation08 Decent Work and Economic Growth13 Climate Action15 Life on Land17 Partnerships to achieve the Goal

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4 Apr 2023


Vilcanota Mountains, Sacred Valley of Peru

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