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Rivers have always provided fundamental and vital services for mankind and the environment. However, dams disrupt the natural functioning of rivers and can cause a wide-scale decline in fish and other river wildlife. For these reasons, it is necessary to remove these barriers to return rivers to their natural, free-flowing state.

Why did we choose this project?

Dams impact every aspect of healthy rivers including the fishes we like to eat and fish. If we want to keep certain fish species in Europe, like eel, sturgeon, and salmon, we must restore connectivity from sea to source. Not only do fish rely on natural river systems but also many other species living in the water and on land depend on and would benefit from free-flowing rivers.

How does it work?

Dam removal is already taking place in some parts of Europe. These removals are local initiatives driven by many enthusiastic community members and stakeholders. However, there are still thousands of obsolete dams that have not been removed and some we still do not know of! The Dam Removal Europe initiative aims to join local projects and make dam removal a mainstream river management option in Europe.