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Founded in 2016, they have headquarters in the United States and Costa Rica and operate in 11 countries across the world. All their  work is measured and verified by third-party bodies, resulting in high-quality carbon offset credits.

Tradewater exists to improve the environment and create economic opportunity through the collection, control and destruction of refrigerants and halon fire suppressants that are potent non-CO2 greenhouse gases (GHGs). They also measure and plug abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells that are leaking methane into the atmosphere. They have set themselves a goal to prevent the release of at least 3 million tons of CO2e to the atmosphere annually. This collective activity is essential work in the prevention of catastrophic climate change.

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Tradewater's projects

An image of Capping Methane Leaks

Capping Methane Leaks

Capping methane emissions by finding and plugging leaking orphaned oil and gas wells.

An image of Greenhouse Gas Destruction

Greenhouse Gas Destruction

Collection and destruction of refrigerants and potent non-CO2 greenhouse gases (GHGs)


Tradewater's actions

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