Village women in their groups replicating how they have been taught to clean their solar panels.

Green Girls Organisation

Green Girls Organisation is Africa's only social enterprise using AI to identify clean energy problems facing women and girls in rural communities in Africa. They use the data collected to train women and girls to generate energy from the sun and waste. In Cameroon 60% of the total population does not have access to electricity and this figure increases to 75% of the rural population living without access to electricity. Women and girls in these communities are the primary victims of this energy crisis and have a 0% involvement in any form of clean energy business too. There is a real pressing need to address the energy problem African rural communities face so that women and girls no longer have to suffer for what is a basic right. The cost of kerosene and firewood is high and access to both can be difficult due to the state of the roads and the scarcity of firewood. Women have to walk very long distances to find firewood where they regularly face sexual harassment. Green Girls Organisation provides capacity building and training to women and girls in rural communities in both solar and biogas and supports them in the creation of businesses in the clean energy sector. Empowering women and repairing the planet!

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Women led renewable energy

Increasing access to clean energy and empowering women entrepreneurs

Cameroon, Africa

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