Frieze London and Frieze Masters are supporting three brilliant projects. Scroll down to vote on who should get their support and learn more about each of the projects

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Frieze is supporting three brilliant sustainability projects. Your vote will influence the support each project receives


This novel approach to carbon removal harnesses enhanced biomass sequestration


Regreening dry land using techniques like rainwater harvesting and tree restoration

Platform Earth

An artist-led charity mitigating climate change through marine carbon capture

Frieze Projects

Three inspirational projects. Learn more about them, choose your favourite, and support them directly.


InterEarth is a unique project harnessing advanced carbon removal; launching and scaling such technologies is a crucial component in keeping global warming to 1.5C. This novel approach to carbon removal uses the best process that exists for removing carbon from the air – trees; and enhances it. The biomass is actually returned underground – reverse mining! This locks the carbon safely away for hundreds or thousands of years.

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Nature-based solutions are now recognised as a key element of tackling climate change. Justdiggit, with offices in Amsterdam and Nairobi, has a mission to regreen Africa working with millions of farmers and pastoralists across the continent. It restores desertified, dry land using proven techniques including rainwater harvesting (digging bunds, or ‘earth smiles’) and tree restoration (Kisiki Hai, Farmer Managed Natural Restoration). All projects are owned and implemented by communities that live off the land.

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Platform Earth

Platform Earth has partnered with a pioneering marine rewilding project, The Sussex Kelp Restoration Project. The Project will restore almost 200 square kilometres of lost kelp forest along the coast of Sussex. Healthy kelp forests are vital as well as visually stunning – kelp supports a biodiversity rich habitat and is fast-growing, so sequesters carbon at many times the rate of land-based trees.

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Inspiration for a sustainable life

Bowl of water in a garden

One very simple way to help our wildlife in the heatwave

As an unprecedented heatwave is hitting British shores and we all try to find ways to stay cool and safe, Hannah Bourne Taylor, an author and photographer passionate about all things wild talks about a very simple thing each of us can do to help animals cope with these challenging conditions.

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