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#RISK Amsterdam is is supporting three brilliant sustainability projects. Scroll down to vote on who should get their support and learn more about each of the projects

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These three inspirational projects need your support. If you feel passionately about your choice – top up funding from #RISK Amsterdam with a personal donation. Every penny counts.

#RISK Amsterdam projects

Three inspirational projects addressing climate change in different ways. Learn more about them and choose your favourite.

Village women in their groups replicating how they have been taught to clean their solar panels.

Women and Girls led renewable energy- Africa

Green Girls Organisation train women and girls in clean energy technology, making their lives safer, healthier and more secure, and giving them the skills they need to find employment or start a business.

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Seawilding Project Image- provided by project

Native oyster and seagrass restoration - Scotland

Seawilding, based at Loch Craignish, Argyll is the UK's first community-led native oyster and seagrass restoration project. Their aim is to restore lost biodiversity, sequester carbon, and create green jobs. They are pioneering low-cost, best-practice marine habitat restoration methodologies and empowering other coastal communities to do the same.

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E-waste collection & recycling

E-waste reached 61.5 million tons last year, and it is projected to hit 74.7 million by 2030*. Around 60-90% is mismanaged or illegally traded, ending up in developing regions lacking e-waste management infrastructure, like West Africa and certain parts of Asia*. This poses serious environmental and health threats. It is thus crucial to adopt business models encouraging e-waste recycling. Here's where Closing the Loop seizes the opportunity.

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