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Meet the climate-game-changers

Companies are now transitioning to the high integrity contribution approach recommended by WWF, Gold Standard and Carbon Market Watch. But how, in practice, do organisations get project selection right? The key is in partnership, utilising a broad portfolio of leading climate and biodiversity projects. Hear how your organisation can move to the best practice approach, with three high impact projects from the Pinwheel portfolio...

 Join Pinwheel and three of our game changing projects, Lithos Carbon, Green Girls Organisation and Justdiggit. All three tackling the climate crisis in a unique way ensuring positive impact for the planet and people. Be ready to be inspired by three experts across a broad spectrum of solutions: from carbon removal to renewable energy. If you are seeking opportunities to fund sustainable action whilst boosting your brand join us for a free webinar on Wednesday 11th October at 4pm BST. 

  • Monique Ntumngia, CEO and founder, Green Girls Organisation

  • Stuart Taylor, UK Country Director, Justdiggit

  • Mary Yap, CEO and founder, Lithos Carbon

11 Oct 2023 at 15:00

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