Pinwheel's contribution mark

Our advice to clients is to shift to a contribution model, moving beyond the compensation mindset of offset, to an emerging strategy of contribution to planet repair.

The Net Zero Initiative guidelines recommend that a company should seek to contribute to our collective net zero efforts, rather than seeking to become net zero or carbon neutral as an entity. When seeking to fund activity outside of your value chain it is advisable to take a contribution mindset, rather than seeking to compensate or offset. Start from ‘what makes the biggest impact’, rather than ‘how do I make a claim about our own emissions’.

Funding Planet Repair

Many of our clients are rightly proud of their planet positive action and to help them highlight their planet repairing activity we provide the Funding Planet Repair Mark.

The mark demonstrates the climate action of Pinwheel clients around the world and is carried by businesses who make a substantial contribution to planet repair; addressing the interlinked crises of carbon, biodiversity and waste. The mark doesn’t certify any carbon neutral or net zero claims that an organisation might make.

In order to qualify to receive the mark, we require that clients contribute a certain minimum to planet repairing projects as a proportion of annual revenues or a set per-employee amount, depending on the organisation’s business model and size.

If you are interested in the details behind our contribution philosophy, read our articles or get in touch.

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