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We believe we can restore the health and happiness of our planet.

We believe

We believe we can restore the health and happiness of our planet. We believe in the people and projects around the world working to create a better future for life on earth. We believe in long-term and secure carbon removal. We believe biodiversity is just as important as a low carbon atmosphere. We believe we all have the choice to act. We believe in openness. We believe in transparency. We believe in fairness. We believe in humanity.


To inspire support for the world’s most meaningful environmental and biodiversity initiatives and ensure we all have the means and motivation to play an active role in restoring the health and happiness of our planet.

We partner with planet saving people

Pinwheel supports the world’s most effective planet-saving projects. If you’re working to remove carbon, restore habitats or protect Earth’s rich flora and fauna, we’d love to hear from you.

Our beliefs

What’s important to us

Pinwheel only funds high quality initatives that have the potential to repair our planet. In selecting our projects, we have four key criteria.

Carbon security:
We favour projects that lock carbon away securely and for 100s of years.

We believe in backing the biggest impact activities, finding innovative, new ways of doing better.

We fund activity only where we're confident our backing will lead to more activity and impact.

We believe in repairing the planet in the fullest sense - cleaning it up and preserving and enhancing the natural world.

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Pinwheel is a small but growing team. We offer the opportunity to work on genuinely planet-saving stuff, with flexible working and great benefits.

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Help build Pinwheel's transformative planet-repairing product